How to Make Mochi Donuts

Mochi Donuts are a fluffy, chewy twist on a classic treat. They have the crispy exterior of a buttermilk donut and the sweet, spongy interior of Japanese mochi.

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Step 1

Whisk mochiko and tapioca flour, baking powde and soda, kosher salt, & sugar.

Step 2

Whisk melted butter, vanilla extract, egg, and buttermilk.

Step 3

Combine wet and dry ingredients then refrigerate for 10 min.

Step 4

Transfer chilled dough to a piping bag.

Step 5

Pipe into 8 equal sized rings.

Step 6

Fry donuts for 1-2 minutes on each side.

Step 7

Whisk ingredients for donut glaze.

Step 7

Dip donuts in glaze then sprinkle with toppings and enjoy!

About the Authors

We're Alec & Kat, the authors behind The Heirloom Pantry.  We teach approachable, elevated recipes for the home cook, greatly inspired by our Japanese and Italian heritage.