Fruit Sando (Japanese Fruit Sandwich)

This Japanese Fruit Sandwich is a sweet and fruit-filled sando. It features homemade honey whipped cream and ripe fruit nestled between fluffy shokupan

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Step 1

Wash and thoroughly dry fruit.

Step 2

Make whipped cream - Whip heavy whipping cream and sugar.

Step 3

Spread whipped cream on each slice.

Step 4

Layer fruit so it creates a design when cut on a diagonal.

Step 5

Place top slices of bread on top of the fruit then cut off the crust.

Step 6

Slice in half to reveal the fruit pattern.

Step 7

Enjoy as a tasty treat or sweet breakfast!

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We're Alec & Kat, the authors behind The Heirloom Pantry.  We teach approachable, elevated recipes for the home cook, greatly inspired by our Japanese and Italian heritage.