Unagi Don (Unadon)

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What is Unagi?

Unagi is freshwater eel. It is often sold pre marinated and pre cooked through a process called kabayaki.

Step 1

Make Japanese rice on a stovetop or in rice cooker then place in bowl.

Step 2

While unagi is cooking, make unagi sauce or use store-bought.

Step 3

Prepare and cook unagi - brush it with sauce and baking it for 12-15 min. at 350° F.

Step 4

Broil for an additional 2 min, until bubbling and caramelized.

Step 5

Divide rice into 2 bowls and drizzle unagi sauce on rice.

Step 6

Place a fillet in each bowl.

Step 7

Garnish with sesame seeds, nori, and scallions, then serve.

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