Japanese Rice Bowls

Unagi Don (Unadon) is an umami-packed rice bowl featuring broiled Japanese eel dressed in unagi sauce.

Teriyaki Salmon Donburi is a delicious rice bowl topped with tender salmon dressed in a homemade teriyaki sauce.

Bacon and Egg Rice Bowl is a savory breakfast dish featuring yolky eggs, crispy bacon, Japanese rice, and furikake.

Yellowtail Sashimi Bowl features buttery hamachi, rich ikura, and fragrant shiso leaves.

Chicken Katsu (Japanese Chicken Cutlet) is a crispy, golden brown chicken cutlet that is perfect over rice.

Ikura Donburi is a deliciously decadent rice bowl featuring marinated ikura (salmon roe), shiso, and crunchy nori.

Salmon Sashimi Doniburi is a delicious Japanese rice bowl topped with fresh buttery salmon, shiso, ikura, and scallions.

Chicken Katsu Curry is a hearty curry dish featuring crispy chicken katsu, Japanese curry, and steamed rice.

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